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Quickbooks tips

Most of our clients use Quickbooks as their accounting software and our Quickbooks tips are designed to save time and provide nifty efficiency tips for clients and prospective clients alike.  Check back each month!

Here are a few short cuts to speed your day:

  • Crtl-I - Creates a new invoice
  • Ctrl-E - To edit a transaction in the register
  • Crtl-W - To write a new check
  • Crtl-F - Find a transaction
  • Crtl-M - For memorizing a transaction or report
  • Crtl-J - Opens the Customer Center


How can outsourcing financial services
benefit my business?

A great benefit to outsourcing your accounting is from the saving derived. As an outsourced accountant or controller only visits your business on a part-time basis or even a couple times a month, there is no need to have an employee on the payroll. Savings come from utilizing and paying for only what the business needs and the related costs associated with wages.