Tax Advice and Consulting.

No business too small.

Is paying taxes a good thing?  Many times the answer is yes. It means you are making money. But paying as little tax as possible and keepng up with the latest tax law is why you need a specialist on your corner.

Solutions Partners, LLC provides tax advise and consulting services to companies providing services and products in a multitiude of market segments Including:

  • Trucking and transportation
  • Real Estate
  • Technology companies
  • Law and legal entities
  • Automotive services
  • Not-for-Proft consulting
  • Construction companies

Our sweet spot is working with companies from start up phase up to $50 million in gross sales.  In many instances with our larger customers we provide tax, accounting and secondary CFO services and consulting as a sounding board to their current in-house financial oversight.  For smaller companies, our complete suite of services initiated by fractional CFO engagements provides direction and execution of specific financial processes including bookeeping, budgeting, payroll, government reporting and tax preparation.  In many cases the fees we charge are just a fraction of the savings realized by bringing in the financial professionals of Solutions Partners, LLC.

If you'd like to know more, please feel free to phone our offices at 314.496.0894. We've worked with companies in all stages of growth and finacial situations, good and not so good. We can help so let's have a cup of coffee.